Monday, March 5, 2018

I bumped into my old blog....untended for several years. I'm not sure I know why I stopped blogging. Life gets in the way. But I once enjoyed doing it, as well as and sharing my art.

 The current show in Litchfield reminded me how I like sharing about my work. Listening to and talking with the folks who attended my opening was a particular delight. 

I am on my way to the gallery this afternoon with some additional 4"x4" paintings that were requested. I will make some photographs and publish them either here or on my website.

Kindly stay tuned......

Monday, November 12, 2012

In my "studio" (aka corner) there's been some experimenting going on.........with new ways of mixing and manipulating my paint.  Sometimes I thin it to an ink-like consistency. The painting below comes from that magical somewhere between a childhood greenhouse memory and a victorian conservatory I saw in a dream.

The painting makes me happy. 

I call it Flowering.




Monday, November 5, 2012


It's been a while between postings. Here are a few new paintings. I will be taking some to Otis Library in Norwich on November 17th along with some of my limited edition wooden Christmas ornaments for their Holiday Sale. I also have work at Gallery On The Green in Canton and The Artists' Path in Litchfield.



Then I went from kind of big paintings to pretty small's fun to switch it up.

                                                                 In The Beginning



                                                                    Sail Away 


                                                                 Beach Stars


Sea Current

                                                             Morning Stars Together


                                                                     The Shepherd


Meteor Shower

                                                                  Pond Autumn


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The 30 x 40 painting I call A Poem God Made is hanging in The Artists' Path Gallery in Litchfield. I inadvertantly deleted the July posting of it. Here it is again............
My last posting was two months ago! I have been painting (but making photographs of my work....not so much). A week at Cape Cod reminded me I have salt water in my veins. Days on the beach plunked the idea for this next painting into my head. Like A Poem God Made, it is 30 x 40 inches. While I  was working on it, I realized I'm really happiest when I have one of these " imaginary-landscapey-primitives" on the easel. (Which I do right now!)

                                                            The Fullness of the Sea

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Every morning after I read from The Oswald Chambers Daily Devotional Bible and pray, I write in a journal. This is what I wrote on February 12, 2011................

It is not a coincidence that certain readings appear at certain times. Or perhaps certain readings just zing into my understanding when God knows my understanding is ready--like planting. Jesus talked a lot about planting, seeds, and soil.

I think now about waiting for the ground to be unfrozen and kind of warm enough. Certain plants are cold crops and can be planted in very early Spring. Cabbage for one. And radishes. Peas go in early too. My dad used to plant peas on Saint Patrick's Day--but that was in warmer Westport. mind soil and my heart soil have been thawing......thawing. So God is placing the seeds of His Perfect Word into me. My visual self imagines a finger from heaven pushing, oh so gently, on each seed as it is placed on the surface. I should paint that! The strongest hand in the universe planting the tiniest seed with gentleness beyond comprehension. O, dear God, thank You!

Just about one year later.....this painting happened.

                               Plant Your Word Down Deep



And my journal entry continued..................

My most favorite job in the greenhouse was planting seed trays and cell packs--bazillions of them! Sometimes a sprinkle, but often one seed was put in each cell. And I loved looking each day to see what had sprouted. I was literally touched at the sight of a yellow-green seedling half in and half out of the potting soil---pushing a weensy clump of soil above its head so it could get to the light.

All this reminiscing is helpful to underscore what I am experiencing daily in the readings from the Bible, from Oswald Chambers and T. Austin Sparks, and other daily Christian readings. I am not surprised, but I do acknowledge how very aware I have become. How I am growing. Thanks be to God!


More paintings coaxed onto this blog by Moore. The reason she gets to "coax" me is because she has just created a beautiful book--
                                  Latebloomers Volume 1: Claudia Wood Rahm.
Which may be ordered during my Warren Library exhibit --March 10th through April 14th.

I have already posted a lot of the paintings I made since the Litchfield show in September. Here (I think) are all the rest.


18 x 24


                                              The Darkness Tries To Hide

                                                                 16 x 20



                                           High Places

                                                                   30 x 40

                                               $ 300


                                                    Green Cathedral

                                         18 x 24


Tidal Pool II

24 x 30


Sing Halleluia, Come On Get Happy!

18 x 24

$ 200


11 x 14

$ 100

It's Raining

12 x 12





$ 75.

The Goldfinch Moon

11 x 14

$ 100.



(Four 5x7" paintings)